Dreampaps' Papillons - Dreampaps' Jean-Marc

Dreampaps' Jean-Marc
a.k.a. "Marc"

Sex: Dog   Health: CHIC #84081
Date of Birth: 13 April 2011   Eyes: CERF #PA-373385
Registration Number(s): AKC - TS031779/02          Cleared as of  2013NOV16
Microchip(s): HomeAgain     PRA1 #14-3930 (Clear/Normal)
       #985121009434455     OFA #PA-PRA26/36M-VPI
      Knees: OFA #PA-PA1079/12M/P-VPI
AKC Conformation Majors: 0 of 2 Required   Heart: OFA #PA-CA651/12M/P-VPI
AKC Conformation Points: 0 of 15 Required   Height: 10.5" (26.7 cm)
Expanded Pedigree: The Global Papillon Pedigrees Organization  

4 G
eneration Simple Pedigree of Dreampaps' Jean-Marc

AM CH Forevr Gene Autry at Dreampaps AM CH En-La's Bravissimo (SOD) AM CH Paraja's Obsession For Laser (SOM) AM CH Ken Mar Oscar De La Renta (SOM)
AM CH Ken Mar's Camberwell Beauty
AM CH Envy Ears For Cheers (DOM) AM CH Titian's Jubilant Joker (SOM)
Envy My Fuzzy Lass (DOM)
AM CH Forevr Greta Garbo (DOM) AM CH Lyndylore Black Russian AM CH Stouravon Planter's Punch (SOM)
AM CH Lazybonz Gaea of Lyndylore
AM CH Cadaga Starshine Multi-CH(AM CAN DUTCH INT) Loteki Supernatural Being (SOD)
Deanna's Krystal Tiffany (DOM)
Dreampaps' Marie-Heloise Multi-CH (AM AMERICAS MEX WORLD) World-V2007 Americas-V2007 Lamonia's Moreno INT NORD CH NV-2003 Lamonia's Botvid Sontinis Poseidon
Lamonia's Abigale
Lamonia's Cinderella Lamonia's Oliver Twist
INT N SU CH Lamonia's Sunshine
Dreampaps' Marie-Babette AM CAN CH Queen Bless JP Tri Successor AM JAP CH Queen Bless JP Success Story (SOM)
FIN JAP SU CH Lamonia's Sunshine
Queen Bless JP Olympic Spirit AM JAP CH Queen Bless JP Success Story (SOM)
Honey-Pots Why Not Me

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