Dreampaps' Papillons - Dreampaps' Marie-Patrice

Dreampaps' Marie-Patrice
a.k.a. "Patrice"

Best Puppy Group 4 at Linn County Kennel Club on 2014 February 21
Puppy Best of Breed at Chintimini Kennel Club on 2014 March 29

Sex: Bitch   Health: CHIC #99630
Date of Birth: 28 April 2013   Eyes: CERF #381946
Registration Number(s): AKC - TS160950/02          Cleared as of 2013NOV16
Microchip(s): HomeAgain 985121012557532     PRA1 #14-3932 (Normal)
        OFA #PA-PRA25/55F-VPI
Majors: 0 of 2 Required   Knees: OFA #PA-PA1356/15F/P-VPI
Points: 3 of 15 Required   Heart: OFA #PA-CA930/15F/P-VPI
      Height: 10.5" (26.7 cm)
Expanded Pedigree: The Global Papillon Pedigrees Organization  

4 G
eneration Simple Pedigree of Dreampaps' Marie-Patrice

Forevr Charles Boyer at Dreampaps Forevr Can You Ear Me Now AM CH Forevr Ears Your Sign SUCH Caratoot's Captain Courageous (SOD)
AM CH Envy Ears for CHeers
AM CH Forevr A Scarlett Vixen AM CH En-La's Bravissimo (SOD)
AM CH Paraja Bhutan Glory of En-La (DOM)
AM CH Forevr Greta Garbo (DOM) AM CH Lyndylore Black Russian (SOM) AM CH Stouravon Planters Punch (SOM)
AM CH Lazybonz Gaea of Lyndy Lore
AM CH Cadaga Starshine (DOM) BIS BISS AM CAN DUTCH INT CH Loteki Supernatural Being (SOD)
Deanna's Krystal Tiffany (DOM)
Dreampaps' Marie-Orielle Multi-CH (AM AMERICAS MEX WORLD) and World-V2007 Americas-V2007 Lamonia's Moreno NORDUCH INTUCH N-V2003 DK-V2003 Lamonia's Botvid Sontinis Posiedon
Lamonia's Abigale
Lamonia's Cinderella Lamonia's Oliver Twist
SUCH NUCH INTUCH Lamonia's Sunshine
Dreampaps' Marie-Juliette BIS BISS AM CH Flashpoint Mission Possible (SOM) Multi-CH(AM CAN FIN INT JAP SU) Nord-V2001 Fin-V2001 Fin-V2000 Magical Gordon of Art Etoile JP (SOD)
Cinnabar Santa's Vixen
AM CH Queen Bless JP Dreamy Elegance Multi-CH(AM CAN FIN INT JAP SU) Nord-V2001 Fin-V2001 Fin-V2000 Magical Gordon of Art Etoile JP (SOD)
FIN CH Chakmani's Miss Crazy

Photograph Unavailable

Best of Opposite - Winners Bitch
Yakima Valley Kennel Club, Inc.- 31 May 2014
Judge - Mrs. Joan M. Zielinski -- Handler - Gary Stiles -- Owner/Breeder - Nicholas Forbes

Winners Bitch
Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon, Inc. - 17 January 2014
Judge - Mrs. Gloria Geringer -- Handler - Gary Stiles -- Owner/Breeder - Nicholas Forbes

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